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Making attractive video games is a great challenge for a game developer. While technologies provide a great set of tools to aid the process, they are not nearly enough for success. A lot of experience is required to effectively create great games. And we just happen to have vast experience at your disposal!

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How to progress your game? What keeps your players motivated? How many levels are there in your game? How is the proper level of challenge achieved? How to maintain replay ability? Ask our talented game designers about it!

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Every game must have its own personality. It is defined through art, sounds, setting and overall presentation. Over the course of the project, many hundreds of assets are created to expose game universe to the players. Our 2D artists, 3D modelers and sound engineers will help to create unique game atmosphere that grabs players’ attention… and doesn’t let go.

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Why us

We are full-cycle game development company. We work from concept to final art; from prototype to stores; from idea to production.

We offer not only development, but also creative work, such as game setting, non-linear story and characters.

Strong & passionate in-house game development teams: 30+ developers with 2-13 years of game development experience.

We use cross platform tech to produce games, so you can be sure your game reaches maximum audience on multiple platforms.

Our development center is located in Belarus where such games as World of Tanks and Farm Frenzy are coming from.

Authorized Sony PlayStation and Nintendo game developing company.

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