About Knocknock

We create the games we love to play (well, who doesn’t, really). We believe that the modern gaming industry recently has taken a wrong turn, as endless loot boxes and meaningless microtransactions ruin the very core of gaming – that is, the contest.

We also believe this can be fixed and dedicate our work to that!

Studio Manifesto

  • In our products you WON'T find:
  • Loot boxes: gaming is not gambling - we remember that!
  • Advantage for the money; to be the best, show your talent, not wallet.
  • Early access releases: we come from the old school, so we prefer to give our players completed projects rather than polish games for years at players’ expense.
  • In-App Purchases around every corner: certainly, we’d love to offer some post-release, content-driven DLC, but the games you buy from us come in a complete state.
  • 0.99 or similarly priced games; a game is a product of love and hard work. The efforts put in creating a game are huge, so it can’t cost anything near that price unless you like (we don’t) to purchase endless coins/crystals to upgrade it.
  • Our typical products feature:
  • Complete gameplay/story. You won’t have to wait for the next season/chapter while losing an interest for a game.
  • Revised classic gameplay. We think that many genres that don’t provide superprofits to publishers have been unfairly abandoned. We really miss nice turn-based strategy or tactical games, entertaining space simulators, hardcore quest adventures and some other niche genres. So, we work hard to revive them.
  • Multiple platforms support. We do not restrict ourselves to a single platform and try to deliver our products to every platform suitable for the gameplay.
  • Cross-platforms multiplayer. We don’t like players’ segmentation by platform, so whenever gameplay allows it, we support communication between different platforms, so you can play on whatever device you have with your friends.
  • Limited audience. While we would be pleased with hundreds of millions players, we’d rather appeal to a smaller, but dedicated players’ community.