Chest Of Memories

The game stands out among other match 2 games and gives you an opportunity to solve challenging puzzles and clear game field by removing color-matched blocks.

This memory game is the definition of “Simple rules made fun” approach.
In order to advance the game and solve challenging and increasingly difficult puzzles, you’ll need to learn how to memorize information quickly and act fast to clear game field before the timer runs out.

Train your memory by opening two or three runes of the same color, completing chained boards and staying focused as the game field keeps crumbling.

Game Insights :

Lots of levels to finish and gameplay mods to try.

Challenging variety to the classic gameplay.

Nice-looking 3D puzzle game with attractive visuals and all-original soundtrack.

Development Process :

Has been in cross-platform development for 2 months.

Classic gameplay, experienced in 3D.

Solid-built by mobile game developers from ground up, custom game art, 100% authentic content, no assets packs were used.

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