Game Art Outsourcing

No game, whether it is 2D or 3D can live without art. Art is required for everything: for concepts, for characters, for locations, for a menu, for effects, etc.

Our game dev art team is staffed with 2D artists, texture artists, concept artists, 3D modelers and animators enough to create games of just about any complexity.

Creative talents in our game development company bring life to hundreds of characters and locations every year and they do it not only for their living, but also because it is fun.

Concept Art

The importance of concept art can’t be overestimated. It is, literally, the heart and soul of your game and the first step towards the process of its developing. Thus, cooperation with the chosen game art outsourcing company in an open and honest way in order to be sure that your initial idea will be fully understood becomes a key to a successful result, and this is what we are good at.

The task of a concept artist is to express the client’s vision in a sketch on paper. By producing a large number of diversified sketches of characters, environments, props, storyboards and other, we let the client choose the most appropriate one and work collaboratively until we get a brilliant result. When the sketches are ready, you can assess the potential of your idea and imagine the whole game’s art, because concept art set a final style reference for the project to follow on.

3D Modeling and Animation

With the help of our artists, modelers and game designers creativity in making games becomes really limitless. 3D modeling has made a revolution in the gaming industry by making the virtual world appear real. Although it’s not an innovative technology, one should be careful in choosing an appropriate 3D game art outsourcing studio, which pays attention to texturing, rigging, skinning, motion graphics, and visual effects.

High-quality artwork is a key to the creation of an addictive 3D game. Our experienced specialists can create a custom 3D model using a sketch, image or even from the idea in your head. And if you want to provide players with extraordinary gaming experience, then you came to the right place. We offer creating low-poly and high-poly models, 3D Rendering and impressive character animation, and know how to make the player feel pulled deeply into the gaming process. Breathe life into your game with the help of our game art studio!

2D Art Outsourcing

In spite of all the advantages of super-realistic 3D graphic, 2D art, which focuses on creating characters, storyboards, and backgrounds in two-dimensional environments, is still very essential for developing games. And sometimes it can look even more spectacular to a player.

As games with 2D graphic usually are quite light weighted, it is the best choice for developing a casual or hyper-casual one, which has insane popularity nowadays. With the rise of mobile game development, it can be a perfect solution. With our artists’ 15 years background of creating both cartoon-like and realistic 2D illustrations for different genres and platforms, you can be sure you’re working with masters of their craft. We have produced a number of successful projects and faced different challenges during our 2D game art outsourcing career which can be similar to yours.

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Passionate and professional development team, all devs are in-house creating games non-stop.

Optimized workflows: projects are developed using processes proven by time and multiple successful deliveries.

Professional consulting services: we can help your project reach the goals while providing valuable feedback on the way.

Creative artists: we work in both 2D and 3D, including specialized software, such as iClone, Marvelous Designer and other.

Strong and always up to date expertise: we work with modern technologies like Unity, Unreal, Cocos 2D, Phyre, etc.

On touch with community: We can help you prepare project for the crowdfunding campaign.

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