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Can you describe what game design actually is?

Is it art, sounds, game setting, characters, story, gameplay mechanics, levels, game progression? Is it something that can be expressed with words or art or with a sound?

Well, the answer to this - all of the above… and so much more. Game design is what makes your players love your game and our team of experienced game designers for hire just happen to know how to make them fall in love.

Gameplay Mechanics Design

The way players interact with your game makes them want to play it. Gameplay mechanics are much more than just a set of Left/Right/Up/Down controls. It is the most essential part of game design and literally includes the description and operation of every parameter, defined throughout the game development process, be it a number of lives or magic spells or weapons upgrades. Many video game design companies make every modern game with the possible exceptions in Hyper-Casual Style contains multiple secondary game mechanics in addition to the core one.

The challenge here is to make everything players do in the game make sense and fit well with each other. I.e. if game’s core mechanics is a shooting single enemies, adding empire building as a secondary one might not be a good fit due to different scales. Creating mechanics which is equally deep requires experience, so it is better to hire a game designer to back you up.

Game Setting and Story

While in many casual games the story takes supportive role, it is still very important to keep players engaged with a game longer. Typical mobile games these days tend to have hundreds of repetitive levels and these are way more fun to play if players have a clear vision why to do this. Even in match-3 games there are secondary story-mechanics, which are there to give motivation to advance further - i.e. to build and extend empire in between levels - these games would not have been popular without appealing characters or settings. For anything else more serious, the story is a must-have.

We as a game designer company combine designers and writers who will get you covered on these activities no matter the setting, be it a casual fantasy or a dark grim fallen world, whether a simple story or something of a novel-size with non-linear progression is required.

Level Design

Most of the games have levels to complete and these games should be approached very carefully, because even several slight mistakes can ruin the fun and players will leave frustrated. There’s a lot to consider in a level-based game: is your complexity progresses slowly, are there severe difficulty spikes? Are your levels too repetitive? Are your levels repetitive enough?

Creation of game levels and balancing gameplay is the most time-consuming task for all game design companies, because they are the basis of gameplay - not technologies behind your product, not pretty pictures, but levels. To put in simple, almost everything else you develop in your games are the tools that play your game levels. Things become even more challenging, when you throw in a non-linear progression.

Why us

Passionate and professional development team, all devs are in-house creating games non-stop.

Optimized workflows: projects are developed using processes proven by time and multiple successful deliveries.

Professional consulting services: we can help your project reach the goals while providing valuable feedback on the way.

Creative artists: we work in both 2D and 3D, including specialized software, such as iClone, Marvelous Designer and other.

Strong and always up to date expertise: we work with modern technologies like Unity, Unreal, Cocos 2D, Phyre, etc.

On touch with community: We can help you prepare project for the crowdfunding campaign.

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