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Looking for a game development team? There are a lot of challenges in game dev - most of them are about making games live up to users’ expectations.

While technologies like Unity or Unreal game engines provide a great set of tools to aid the process, these tools alone won't be of any use to you without proper domain industry knowledge of game app developers.

With more than 15 games developed for different platforms and with various technologies, we can help you fill these gaps.

Game Prototyping

Most successful games start with a prototype. What you need to remember about a game prototype is that it follows “The cheapest way to be fun” rule. Sometimes our ideas sound great, but when it comes to game design and then you lay it down on a gamepad, the fun goes away. Many prototypes don’t make it to the production and this is perfectly fine because game development is not cheap and the sooner you understand that your game doesn’t engage players, the more money you’ll save for the next prototype.

It is always good to remember: video game development and game pre-production starts ONLY AFTER the prototyping phase. If the idea is not fun to play, there’s no need to invest in retail code, visuals and other assets. Throughout our game development career, we have created a hundred of concepts and prototypes, so we know exactly how to make this phase effective in every way, including costs.

Game Development Services

Every game (even, the simplest one) contains a lot of code. Custom code. Games, being products of a creative nature, share little code, leave alone game engine and some toolchains, so when you start building a new game, you literally start from scratch.

A game’s codebase can easily reach 50,000-100,000 lines of code. While the number of code lines is not in any way a quality metric, believe us – 100,000 lines of custom, logic-related code is a lot. It is absolutely not the same as an equal amount of code lines for a traditional software. When this code is not well-organized, it becomes extremely hard to maintain. Our game app development company with more than 15 years of AAA and casual games development experience knows how to keep such large projects under control.


When it comes to product release, it is always a hassle of syncing releases between multiple platforms, communicating with publishers, completing various Requirements Checklists. When a game release is already scheduled and the product is still in bad shape, communicating with the parties that handle promo and release can be very stressful.

Having released a number of games through both self-publishing and 3rd party publishers, we know how the process works and can help you organize it to ensure swift product launch. This includes but not limited to Soft Launch, when a game is released to a limited audience to make sure, no critical flaws exist, A/B testing for monetization and other applicable gameplay mechanics, where the best performing combinations are discovered.


Launching a product is just the beginning; in order to achieve long-lasting success, it is necessary to keep in touch with your audience, respond to their feedback and further enhance the game with post-release features, such as downloadable content, new languages and platforms support, refining monetization and gameplay balance in order to find the most appealing and profitable combination.

Also, sad as it might sound, nowadays there are a lot of bugs to fix in the games after release - these take a considerable amount of time and distract from further project development. Therefore, in order not to grow the team for a product with the uncertain financial outcome, it is often reasonable to either find a game dev team in order to do further development or support while there’s a need for this.

Why us

Passionate and professional development team, all devs are in-house creating games non-stop.

Optimized workflows: projects are developed using processes proven by time and multiple successful deliveries.

Professional consulting services: we can help your project reach the goals while providing valuable feedback on the way.

Creative artists: we work in both 2D and 3D, including specialized software, such as iClone, Marvelous Designer and other.

Strong and always up to date expertise: we work with modern technologies like Unity, Unreal, Cocos 2D, Phyre, etc.

On touch with community: We can help you prepare project for the crowdfunding campaign.

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