Lone Tower

Action casual arcade game with fun, intuitive and at the same time deep gameplay mechanics used to drive evil creatures away from the brave tower.

In the middle of a promised land, there is a tower that have been guarding the peace of the dwellers silently for thousands of years.

Recently, the minions of evil creatures started to attack the land and their numbers slowly increased up to a dangerous level. The battle is inevitable, so the main goal is to use the available weapons and spells of arsenal wisely to push back evil creatures and their commanders.

Take your part in a thousand-year magic conflict, while surviving through many winters and summers, through countless days and nights until all minions’ forces are defeated. Be aware of mobile game addiction! The game features hundreds of upgrades to defeat tens of challenging bosses which makes it a really fun mobile game.

Game Insights :

Challenging battles against evil creatures.

Powerful upgrades.

Premium hyper casual game genre.

Development Process :

2 months of development time.

Completed in 3D, unity game dev, optimized for mobile devices.

Solid-built from the ground up, custom game art, 100% authentic content, no asset packs were used during development.

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