Set in a future, this racing game features different planets environments in the Solar system. Race tracks are non linear and have many hidden power-ups and routes, thus moving away from traditional “faster the better” approach to “smarter the better”.

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War Rush

Classic Tower Defense genre game in Kingdom Rush-like styling with each game level being unique and is carefully crafted by artists and game designers, with different well-balanced levels of difficulty. Upgrade system features multiple possible paths for walkthrough variety.

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Club Control series

Manage your very own busy club in Club Control, a fun and colorful new time management game! A wonderful mix of time management games and sim-style fun, Club Control features a variety of trophies to earn, special hidden clubs to unlock, a mix of music and club styles, and more!

Art Stories

Have some Match 3 fun while playing tons of different adventures! Earn millions of points and use incredible bonuses as you earn awesome achievements. Unveil the secrets of the deep seas, the treasures of lost canyons and 10 other places in story mode!

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Rock All Zombies

Patapon-inspired action game where players have to play different music tunes and rock riffs to give commands to characters rushing through the hordes of zombies to get the city power back.

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