Into the space

The city is dying… The country is dying… The planet is dying… People were saying this all the time … And keep saying it again… …And it’s hard not to believe them.

Our planet, having survived the Great Plague, the 3rd Reich, the Great Bio-Neural Implants Incident, was almost lost to nuclear devastation. And, yet, now it is overcrowded again with more than 20 Billion people wandering across its neon lights and endless shiny metal highways. Even more people are struggling to survive underneath. Though I find it hard to believe that Earth was once all green and blue, because the last 20 generations remember it like a shiny silver ball seen from a the distant space.

Once We thought that space travels would allow us to escape rest from endless conflicts, millions of casualties, because in the Solar space, on Mars, on Venus, even on the Moon there would be have been enough space just for everybody. Needless to say, we were all wrong. Even more ruthless conflicts raged, destroying entire colonies and recently formed alliances until the entire Solar System was divided by Greater Earth Population Alliance and Mars Colonists Private Force.

The global conflicts stopped when a century ago the Sub-space Warp Jump technology became stable and available for mass production. The entire galaxy was then open to us. But it also exposed a greater danger. It is the year 3074…. and the humanity will soon meet their biggest threat…

Witness and shape the story in mission-based Space Simulator as humanity makes its first steps in conquering Space.



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