Rise Of Colonies


In a world where Bio-neural Implant Devices (BID), enhance every aspect of everyday life, society is divided.


Those who couldn’t afford the implants, couldn’t compete with “Enhanced” citizens and were pushed aside. Struggling to find work or feed thier families, they were forced into ever more poor and dangerous city districts. Meanwhile “Enhanced” citizens have prospered, continually improving themselves with smarter and faster technology.


That is, until now.


BIDs have become dangerous to their hosts, their only hope now lies in the help of those who they have despised for so many years.


Those at the bottom of society have, suddenly became its masters. Some have rallied to help affected people, while others have rushed for revenge.


Whose side are you willing to take? As with every conflict, there’s no black or white, so your actions might have unexpected consequences.


Shape your characters in a “Colonies” universe while playing the choice-driven, Turn-Based Strategy game “Rise Of Colonies”.


A real-life story of technological enslavement begins

on June 30, 2019.


Platforms: we aim to release the game on all possible platforms with Cross-platform multiplayer and so far have confirmed releases on:

– Windows

– Mac

– Nintendo 3DS

– iOS

– Android


Platforms to be confirmed:

– XBox One

– Playstation 4

– Nintendo Switch