A Story-driven Turn-Based Strategy game set in a crippled gray world, where the remains of human population are surviving behind the military walls of the colonies.

Rise of Colonies is a Turn-Based Strategy game set in near future with action taking place in a world, of private corporations and technologically-enhanced humans, connected to Global Devices Network.

That lasts until the day the implants got affected by the hack, known as “Global Outbreak Virus”, when the world has crippled. And while officially, the day of the fall - March 3rd 2056 has been known as the “Conflict Day”, the actual technological enslavement happened much earlier.

The game visits modern society’s issues of people being overwhelmingly consumed by various electronic devices, who often lose connections with the real world.

Game Insights

Game of a rare
Turn-Based Strategy genre

Non-linear story, where your choices have a great impact on the final outcome

Cross-platform play support allows you to play on the go or in front of the big screen

Development Process

Game Prototype is complete and has been approved for production

Story and missions are being developed at the moment

Currently, the game has tentative release date around 2021

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