The world went dark on March 3rd 2056. Until someone broke out of the window and brought the light... of a gun barrel…

Having escaped from [*SPOILER ALERT*] Jack’s found himself in a crippled world, where Human Implants were hacked and made harmful for roughly 75% of the world’s population. Implanted people went crazy and within days, the world as everyone knew it, ceased to exist.

At these times, it is not yet unknown, who stands behind the attack or what purpose it brings - people just keep saving the last remains of the population and learn to live in a new order.

Taking his stand at the motel, Jack radioed his army friend, who rushed for help, but asked Jack to wait a bit...
Back then Jack didn’t know the wait would last a while...

Game Insights

Mobile Action Game

Hundreds of levels and upgrades

Set in a brand new universe

Development Process

6 months from concept to production release. Roughly 5000 hours of total development time.

Completed in 3D, optimized for mobile devices.

Solid-built from ground up, 100% authentic content, no 3rd party assets were used during development.

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